Chris Flirts With MRJ – Barrow Burns!

I’m not one to gossip, but it’s often said that Angelstormee maybe a screw loose upstairs. It’s also said, that she will keep hold of her beloved Christopher at all costs.

Now like i say, i’m not one to gossip or make accusations, but could this really be a coincidence?




If Miss Ryan Jones ends up dead or has a nasty accident in the next few days, Chris should sell up and do a runner 🙂



ps: This post was made tongue in cheek….i think?




One Thought to “Chris Flirts With MRJ – Barrow Burns!”

  1. The_Maze

    Miss Ryan Jones be careful as Angel Stormee will not like the fact you have been talking with “HER” chris. She in now probably making a Voodoo doll and naming after you.
    If you say give me back my super ops 3 times whilst doing a hand stand all will be ok

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