Sexy Quotes





ya two faced twat
two things
2year crush on Menellie
manipulates Angel
Anna can’t wait to leave
fart shit
fuckoff 1
all by myself
and sending me pizzas
and shes pregnant
Angel – fuck you
Angel- take a god damn piss
Angel-super ops
Angels room mate
a record Stephen would like
baby kiss kiss
ban me
be honest with me
having a drink..ok!
bye Angel – enjoy your life
Renegade Faith
daft twat
did not take it
ding ding
DJ Systems on da call
dozy cunts
evil laugh
fucks sake always negative
fucking grow up
Fuck off 2
get the fuck off means
bring it on bitch
tough titties to ya
honk honk
hopes up hopes down
how old are you – two?
i’m getting shoes on stop shouting
i’m ready stop having a go at me
i bought some special fly spray
i can’t think of the word
Angel -if he had feelings for me
i got that today for a fiver
i’ll tell you what the situation was
i love you to pieces
i give up i’m out of here
i’m not fuckin stupid
i’m going nowhere darling
i’m shitty arse
i’m sick of ppl taking the piss
i’m sorry i hurt my Mam
i’m sorry i’m sorry
i’m the king of the situation
i shit my pants alright
it’s a hoax
it stinks in here
i’ve been drinking with Casper
i’ve got 3 ppl who will kill you
i want to go back to the hospital
jealous i get money from Government
laugh 1
listen to me right now
Menellie the ugly cunt
hmmm really
i need a Moderator
nasty place to be – horrible over there
nasty to me again
neither can i – got business to run
bought £10 of noodles – hmmpph
not a problem
no wine – a lot on my mind
on da skype
piece of shit
put me back on ops or i’m out
seriously i don’t bloody care
she skype sex cameron texas
shitty arse whale while
the situation is
some cockhead posted my address
some one flag my channel
Stephen – try putting your socks on
takeaways – you don’t see me crying
testicles one two
thank you
thats all i want
that’s not a problem
that’s what i wanted to happen
that’s what you said Mark Gronan
that’s why i don’t like nothing from you
the reason why i got jealous
tortured hmmpphh
treat like shit
hmm and your point is
you’re one two faced ugly fat
you’re so perfect you never fucked up
you think you’re clever i’m clever
well hmmm
whatever fuck off
what is the power of super ops
you know what
I love Karl Davies
Karl you big poof
MRJ has big tits
i’ve got tons of cp